Club members enjoy the right to:

  1. Use his/her pass to enter the club and book a table. Friends and relatives of a club member do not enjoy this privilege.
  2. Bring about up to ten accompanying persons without prior booking, except on Saturdays and during holidays.
    On Saturdays every member of Petrovich club has the right to bring along two non-member quests without preliminary booking or notification.
  3. Sustain and preserve the unique atmosphere of the club and bring to the club only real he-Petroviches and she-Petrovnas.
  4. Treat carefully the art objects delivered to the club by such artists as Bilzho, Basanets, Gorshkov and Pavlov, as well as other gifts to the club exhibited there.
  5. Take part in club events, such as concerts, meeting entrancing people, opera performances, ethnic musical projects, etc.
  6. Have fun, enjoy life, radiate positive emotions, i.e., feel like “Petroviches” and be proud of it.

“Petrovich” Code

.… The road to the famous basement on Chisty Prudy is known to half a Moscow, both to Muscovites by birth and visitors (mostly foreigners). TV stars and PR sharks, newsmakers and bankers, bohemian groups and representatives of unidentified social layers, everybody can be seen there drinking vodka from faceted thick-wall glasses, eating herring with onions on weekdays, and dancing like mad on weekends ... 

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