Branded liqueurs

50 ml - 200,00

Shot — Compote
vodka, raisin, dried apricots, prunes, dried apples, sugar syrup

Gin by the name of Roman Popov
gin, raspberry, blackberry, cranberry, sugar syrup
vodka, dulce de leche, cream, sugar syrup
Shot — Asia
vodka, lemongrass, lime leaf, daisy, lemon fresh, sugar syrup
vodka, strawberry, barberry, sugar syrup
Passion fruit
vodka, passion fruit, sugar syrup
vodka, coriander, lemon fresh, sugar syrup
vodka, aloe juice, lemon fresh, sugar syrup
vodka, lemon fresh, lemon peel, orange fresh, orange peel, sugar syrup

Horsredish Vodka, by the name of Ilya Levin
50 ml - 280,00

Four liqueurs
200 ml - 800,00

.… The road to the famous basement on Chisty Prudy is known to half a Moscow, both to Muscovites by birth and visitors (mostly foreigners). TV stars and PR sharks, newsmakers and bankers, bohemian groups and representatives of unidentified social layers, everybody can be seen there drinking vodka from faceted thick-wall glasses, eating herring with onions on weekdays, and dancing like mad on weekends ... 

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